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West NS Regt Photos

Photos from current day West Nova Scotia Regiment activities.

Cpl Ken Thompson during EX NOVA SHIELD in Middleton, May 2014
Urban Patrol in Middleton, EX NOVA SHIELD, May 2014
Snatch & Grab Patrol in Middleton, EX NOVA SHIELD, May 2014
C6 on overwatch, EX NOVA SHIELDin Middleton, May 2014
Winners of the Brigade Skill at Arms Competition
The 2688 Bridgewater Kinsmen Army Cadets, who is proud to call the West Mova Scotia Regiment their affilated unit, was pleased to have Major Geoff Marshall and LCol John Leefe as judges for our second annual Inter-Platoon Drill Competition. The winning platoon, 1 platoon, accepted a WNSR flag from Maj Marshall at the end of the event.
Grade five Amelie Leefe (granddaughter of HCol Leefe) interviews West NS Regt vet Hugh Cuvalier for her heritage project.
Cpl. Charles Jeremy who was wounded at Arielli River March 10, 1944.