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OP HUSKY: 70th Anniversary Battlefield Tour of Italy

Mr. Gren Jones has coordinated a trip to Sicily & Italy (Operation Husky Remembrance Ceremonials). This will be the 70th anniversary in July 2013 of the Canadian soldiers landing fighting through Sicily & Italy. The WNSR was one of the first units to land in Sicily at that time.

Any persons interested in going on this trip please contact Mr. Gren Jones. Gren will be sending out a detailed time table from start to finish as well as information on the cost. There will be a meeting with all interested participants who want to make this trip.

Contact info for Gren Jones: Ph No # 902 679 6691 and email address

Semper Fidelis

Sponsor a Fallen Soldier

As part of Operation Husky activities, road markers are being set up to honour fallen soldiers. The West NS Regiment will sponsor a marker to honour our fallen and we encourage others (or groups of others) to do the same. Markers are $150 each.